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Domogik is a free home automation solution. It is based on the xPL protocol in order to easily use a lot of different technologies. Domogik is multi hosts and modulable. You can use as many user interfaces you want (actually there are two user interfaces : the web one and the Android(external link) (cache) one).

Image The end user documentation has migrated to a new tool. It is now available on http://docs.domogik.org/domogik/dev/en/(external link) .

The plugins documentation is available from this page : http://repo.domogik.org/package/(external link) .

This wiki will new be used only for the developpers : spefication, development notes, ...

Interested in Domogik development ?


Packages (plugins and external members) development

Packages tools and docs


0.4 webapps


  • Roadmap?

Domodroid development


  • Tests links?
  • Test campaign?
  • Creating tests?


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